Empowering all who tired of feeling weak, and disconnected in their bodies with Movement and Health education in body literacy

Find peace with food, exercise and your body.

We are passionate about Breaking down complex ideas, inspiring people and children to dream without boundaries, or spreading knowledge. I believe that education is a tool not just for imparting knowledge but for opening up new possibilities and dreams for people in the dark.

How we will support you

I am a  Nutritionist, Educator, Mentor and Movement Teacher within the health, fitness and wellness space. There are multiple ways in which you can benefit from my work and support.

Online coaching

The Move Eat Love Methodis the industry’s leading compassionate online coaching programme. 

Move Eat Love empowers individuals overwhelmed by the fitness landscape to transform their lives through personalized, supportive, and research-driven wellness programs, nurturing sustainable health habits for a vibrant and connected community.


I wrote  Unpacking Nutrition, an online evidence-based compassionate nutrition

A 12-Week Nutrition And Lifestyle Boot Camp For Everyone, Breaking Down The Massive Overwhelm Around Food And Health Into The Habit-By-Habit Plan That Works For Your Busy Lifestyle

1-1 support

I work with you over a 3 month or 6 month time frame. Together we work on

Improving your relationship with food
Identifying habits that no longer serve you and create new ones. 
Identify nourishing foods to fit your lifestyle and goals. 
Identifying movements and exercises to improve mobility and muscle strength

Our Mission

To Use the power of movement, the healing qualities of nature, and the beauty of authentic connections to empower people, organizations, and communities to achieve greater emotional, physical, and mental wellness. 

it’s time to  take your fitness and wellness in you ow hands

I help people achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle that empowers them to feel strong, capable, and energized. I assist them in reaching their fitness goals, whether it's losing weight, gaining strength, enhancing mobility, or simply feeling healthier and more vibrant as they age.

Your body is on your side.

Access to Our Course and Programs

Get Access to out  Courses, programs and Workshops encompass a range of powerful offerings, including stand-alone Short Courses, Intensives, Masterclasses, Coaching Programs, and Boot Camps. Prepare to Heal your relationship with Food , Exercise, movement,  and your body and watch your your life soar to new heights of health and Wellness as you engage with our cutting-edge curriculum. Led by the esteemed Compassiomate, Nuturing   and Coach, Chisom Jane Obidike, and a Host  of extraordinary thought-leaders, our  courses will guide you through an unique journey of mindset re-engineering and personal growth.


Using my love for movement, art, and nature, I create experiences that foster deeper, more meaningful personal and community interactions. My skills in personal connection, relationship building, and strategic thinking are instrumental in this endeavor. I believe that these experiences can contribute to the personal healing of the body and mind, which is a global need in today's fast-paced and often disconnected world.

My Manifesto

My philosophy is rooted in compassion and the relentless pursuit of growth—not just for myself but for everyone I encounter. I believe that seeing oneself through a divine lens is the first step toward realizing one's full potential. This belief drives my commitment to not only teach but to heal, motivate, and uplift those around me.

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