Work With Me

Do you find yourself struggling with

  • Struggling to stick to healthy living habits
  • Feeling lost with fitness
  • In the cycle of dieting
  • Struggling to lose weight 
  • Having a sense of fitness being far far-fetched
  • Feeling like their body is not strong enough 
  • Wanting to care for your body but not knowing how to start
  • Overthinking fitness
  • Doing a lot on your fitness routine but not getting any result
  • Finding it hard to rest and handle stress

Janesmovement helps women improve their diets and relationships with food and their bodies.

With the help of value-based nutrition and training programs, we can help you achieve the healthiest diet possible

It may or may not be required that you track your macronutrients as part of the coaching process

you may or may not want to lose weight, and our approach is highly individualized 

Aside from habit building, practice-based goals and homework in body awareness, self-compassion, and mindfulness, Janesmovement also helps you to improve your body image and reduce obsessive eating by teaching you about nutrition and movement to support your health.