it is not just about weight-loss and body image. 

this  program exists to help you thrive, grow, and learn about what nourishes and powers your unique body. 

We care. 

nutrition coach
  • There’s a chance you are tired of endless diets and fitness programs that leave you feeling more tired and hopeless and yet still find you have made reasonable progress since years of dieting.

A successful diet should leave you feeling empowered and confident to make food decisions without calling on a coach each time, 

  •  Maybe you lost some weight or felt good for a moment, and then you are back to where you started …

You have a passion for living a healthy lifestyle.

  • You are doing all the “right things” on your diet, eating all the clean foods and sticking to your meal plans, but you aren’t seeing your hard work actually yield results.
  • You see other people crushing it on their fitness goals, building strong bodies, eating vegetables, and they even seem to be enjoying their selves, and chances are you want to be able to live like that too 

The biggest question I see everyone  ask  on their health and fitness journey is 

What do I even eat?

If you’re on this page, there’s a chance you have the same question, don’t you?!

Not knowing how and what to eat on a wellness journey, wont just keep you stuck and vulnerable to fads; it will leave you feeling more frustrated about your body and health. 

I get it because I was there too!

Unpacking Nutrition

A 12-week nutrition and lifestyle program to help you feel better in your body, improve your overall health, and lose weight in a loving way and keep it off.

The Unpacking Nutrition Blueprint is a hybrid program that has a  1:1 coaching option,  accountability with group support, and self-paced material.

Imagine this…

  • Imagine being able to lose or gain  the weight you have always strived for without cutting out the foods you love 
  • Imagine feeling confident in your your body, and what it can do
  • Imagine looking in the mirror and loving what you see 
  • Imagine not having to tell yourself, you will start a fresh dieting tomoro
  • Imagine being able to tell when the nutrition information you are reading is trash
  • Imagine not having to worry about calories. 
  • Imagine waking up with a clear understanding of what to eat for your fitness journey
  • Imagine being on a fitness journey and enjoying yourself the whole time
  • Imagine falling in love with your body regardless the shape and size 
  • Imagine a future where you wake energized, well rested because you made the decision to eat what your body wanted. 

The core of our program is Education. 

We want you to move forward with confidence understanding how to implement changes that will last for your whole life.

What you will receive inside Unpacking Nutrition

At the core of everything we do Education comes first, building a solid knowledge of nutrition will help you navigate future weight roadblocks effortlessly, 

this program has been designed to help you understand the food you eat and how it nourishes and powers you body

12 weeks transformation that last a lifetime, you will have the tools needed and always come back to it when ever you encounter a roadblock, skills you can apply to your family and friends 

you never have to hope from coach to coach hoping It will finally click

you will know what your need and when you need it

Finally come to this place where you will know why a diet is not longer giving you the results you want

reframing plateaus 

understand what is happening

why it is happening

and what you can do to move forward

I See You

 You value


You really want to get this fitness thing right, you feel like food calls out to you every time you decide to go on a diet, and no matter what you do, it feels like it is not working

You have said that this  healthy lifestyle is for a certain set of people, 

You feel tired and really hungry after a long day of following a fitness routine, 

You dont want to spend time doing the same old diet 

You just want to get it right finally 

If you’re here now, its because you are ready to make this the last diet you will ever be on

& I'm ready to help, so let’s do this!!

what you will get when you join us

movement trainings and workshops

movement trainings and workshops to further improve your health

healthful movement that meet you where you are to take you where you are going 

self-care is one of our pillars, with mindfulness and meditation we provide tools to help you manage the day to day stressors of life 

individualized nutriton plan

1-1 call immediately after signup, whether on a self-paced or group coaching

this will serve as a sounding board to get you into the right mindset for this coming transformation

 you will get a personalised roadmap according to your real life scenario, this will serve  as a roadmap, and will be revisited bi-weekly 

group coaching calls

bi-weekly coaching call to answer and dissect certain topics that may prove challenging 

also where we get together to share and learn from others 

network and build a community of women who share the same values as you

Hi, I Am Chisom Obidike

Nutrition and Movement coach, and explorer, in the past 3 years, i have worked with clients online and in person, and i have intentionally gained and lost weight, built muscle and continue to explore different nutrition and movement options !!

What started as a quest to lose weight and change the shape of my body, because i was always dissatisfied with what my body looked like and real body image anxiety 

Eventually became moving and self care, to training others to do the same, i started moving with out hating my body, or shaming it, i was shocked at all the enjoyment and fun i had been missing, following the old no pain not gain rule, eating tassels foods because i thought it was the only to get the body i wanted, once i saw what a healthy nutrition and movement diet could be, i devoted my time and energy into finding the best practices, tips and strategies to help others fall in love with their bodies and learn how to take care of it in the way that best serves them

what the customers say


Through Chisom's resource, I have learned to view my body in a more positive light, nourish it with healthy food and movement, and prioritize self-care practices that support my well-being.


I have been struggling with body image issues for years and have tried so many different approaches, but nothing has worked quite like Chisom's approach. 


a 12-week Nutrition and Lifestyle boot camp for everyone,  breaking down the massive overwhelm around food and health into the habit-by-habit plan that works for your busy lifestyle

This method works because 

we follow a method that is proven to work


STEP 1: Build Awareness

by Unpacking  and relearning the truth about nutrition 

We take the time to get to know you, your goals, your struggles, and your food history. Then we use that to help you bring awareness to what you have been doing and how it has been holding you back from attaining the fitness you want and Discover the root causes of eating eating habit  according to scienceand psychology.


STEP 2: Identify the disconnect

By Unpacking  Your Food & Eating habits, beliefs and attitude 

we step into identifying the disconnect, roadblocks, stressors that has been holding you back


STEP 3: Build the bridge

By Unpacking Nutrition and Weight  and your body

Understand how nutrition and weight  can disrupt or support your eating choices then provide strategies to help you get on the journey, knowing what to expect, anticipating the roadbloack or cut off....and building strategies to get you to the fitness you are working for 


STEP 4: Change the story 

By Unpacking Your Food Story and help you write a better one that works for you 

then embark on slow but steady mind shift, by providing you with knowledge, tools, resource to help you change the story you have been telling to a place where you start to take care of your body 

working on you fitness is a daily process, this is why UNM is the fitness program you should be investing in

Unpacking Nutrition Coaching will help you heal your relationship with food and body, find peace with food, and disempower the complexities in fitness. 

If you’re wondering if Unpacking Nutrition Blueprint is for you…

I have broken it all down

Who should NOT take this course?

  • you are not willing to change

  • you not willing to commit to the end
  • you are  looking for quick fixes
  • you are not open-minded

  • You already know ALL the in's and out's of diets and Nutrition
  • You have time to keep up with all the new trends + continual tips and quick fixe
  • You are looking for detoxes and a quick fix
  • You want the magic pill that’s going to change your body over night

Who should TAKE this course?

  • You value your health.
  • You’ve tried lots of different diets, but nothing has worked long term. 

  • You want to stay youthful and young.

  • You want to feel happy with what you see in the mirror and confident in your skin!

  • You believe fitness and nutrition should come from a place of self-love, not self-punishment. 

  • You want to improve your self-confidence and your sense of feeling in control of your life 

  • You want to feel happy with what you see in the mirror and confident in your skin! 

  • You’re keen to be part of a supportive community

  • You believe fitness and nutrition should come from a place of self-love, not self-punishment

  • You’re looking for accountability to reach your fitness  

  • You want to become stronger and healthier 

  • You acknowledge that this isn’t a quick fix—real, lasting progress takes time 

  • you want to improve your overall lifestyle so you can live a happy, healthy life! 

  • You feel overwhelmed with where to start & how to grow

  • You want a system that is proven to give you real results

  • You want to stop stress eating 

  • You want to build better eating habits

Through Chisom's guidance, I learned to view my body in a more positive and appreciative light. I now understand that my body is unique and deserving of love and care, regardless of its shape or size. The course taught me how to nourish my body with healthy food and regular movement, and how to incorporate self-care practices that support my physical and emotional well-being.


What makes us different

UPM is different from any other diet and fitness program offered because...

It's a boot camp, so it is always evolving just like your body is.

 It is always updated with the newest training, research  and challenges.

Unpacking Nutrition By CHISOM JANE obidike
Have you spent hours trying to figure things out on your own? Have you had too many frustrating days & nights wondering what a Good Nutriton is and if you can actually fall in love with your body again? 
Are you done being confused by the 100’s different “experts” advice? 
Then Unpacking Nutrition is for you is for you!

How to join 



Self paced course



NGN 35000

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Lifetime Acces to UN course 
  • Acces to All Modules
  • Immediate Start
  •  1 hr private coaching call
one on one


USD 400.00

NGN 300,000

  • Everything in Group Coaching
  • This will be tailored according to your lifestyle 
Group coaching


USD 129.99

NGN 70000

  • Everything in self paced
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls
  • podcast and audio trainings


Also, You Get...

  • You have weekly check-in, where we assess and take a record of what we have accomplished and what we can do next. 
  • Bi-monthly movement workshops where you can attend live or watch recording later 
  • This Bootcamp is affordable for those at every stage of your journey! 

  • You can opt for either the one on one option or take the nutrition course alone
  • There is a Facebook group for collaboration and networking, and there are monthly live calls where you can ask questions and get feedback.

Chisom's guidance, I feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin than ever before. I am so grateful for the transformative impact UNB has had on my relationship with my body and would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with body image issues."


Chisom taught me how to cultivate a positive mindset and practice self-compassion. I no longer beat myself up for every perceived flaw or imperfection. Instead, I focus on the things I love about my body and appreciate all that it does for me.



Is this a weightloss program

this program works according to what ever goal you want to work on, that is why everyone gets a free strategy session before they start to build out a framework that works for them

Will you be giving out a meal plan?

I will do you one even better, we will educate you on how to create and build your own meal plan the best way that works for you

Take a Sneak Peek inside this course!

Download the course info sheet for free

you have 2 options


You can choose to struggle and try to figure this fitness thing out yourself the hard way…



You can join us inside of Unpacking Nutrition and spend the next 12 weeks building Health and Nutrition knowledge that is optimized for growth and supports your body, health and fitness goals. Seeing real results day after day and receiving continual support on your journey.


If you're ready, tap the button below, fill out your information, and get immediate access 

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