Are you tired of the endless cycle of diets, guilt, and exercise routines that leave you feeling defeated? It’s time to take control of your relationship with food and exercise and embark on a journey to lasting wellness.

Join me in this transformative 30-minute video where we dive deep into healing your connection with what you eat and how you move.

Introduction (2-3 minutes): In the opening, I’ll introduce myself as a seasoned health coach and mentor, passionate about helping you achieve a healthier, happier life. I’ll share my personal journey, highlighting the struggles I faced and how I overcame them. You’ll discover why this topic is not just important but life-changing.

Segment 1: Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship (5 minutes): I’ll delve into the telltale signs of an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. You’ll hear relatable stories and examples that may sound familiar, making it easier to recognize these signs in your own life. We’ll explore the toll it takes on your physical and mental health.

Segment 2: The Healing Process (8 minutes): Prepare to discover the path to healing that goes beyond quick fixes. We’ll break down each element of the healing process, from acknowledging that it takes time to the constant work required to find joy and balance. Through personal anecdotes and success stories, you’ll see how real transformation is possible.

Segment 3: Personalization and Holistic Approach (6 minutes): You’ll learn why there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Healing looks different for everyone. I’ll explain the concept of achieving your healthiest body composition and how it’s more than just appearance. We’ll delve into the holistic approach, covering nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and self-compassion, all explained with simple yet powerful analogies.

Segment 4: Overcoming Challenges (4 minutes): Discover how to tackle common challenges that might hinder your progress. I’ll provide practical strategies and tips to overcome these obstacles, ensuring that you’re well-equipped for your journey. Above all, we’ll emphasize the role of self-compassion and the value of seeking support.

Segment 5: Call to Action (2 minutes): As we wrap up, I’ll invite you to take action. If you’re ready to transform your relationship with food and exercise, consider reaching out for coaching. I’ll explain how my services can help you on this transformative path, making it clear and easy for you to get in touch.

Q&A and Closing (2-3 minutes): In the final moments, I’ll encourage you to engage by asking questions or sharing your thoughts in the comments. I’ll address a few questions briefly and thank you for joining me on this journey to a healthier, happier you.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your life. Click on the video and let’s embark on the path to wellness together. Subscribe to my channel for more insightful content to support your journey. It’s time to heal, grow, and thrive!

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The Rest Resource


It is possible
The Myth Of Quick Fixes (build a maintainable approach to fitness)


I am Chisom Obidike a entreprenuer and
Founder -Janesmovement a body-neutral movement and fitness coach whose goal is to help you heal your relationship with food, exercise, and your body.

Janesmovement helps women improve their diets and relationships with food and their bodies.
With the help of value-based nutrition and training programs, we can help you achieve the healthiest diet possible
It may or may not be required that you track your macronutrients as part of the coaching process
you may or may not want to lose weight, and our approach is highly individualized
Aside from habit building, practice-based goals and homework in body awareness, self-compassion, and mindfulness,

Janesmovement also helps you to improve your body image and reduce obsessive eating by teaching you about nutrition and movement to support your health.

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