You’re not the problem, your approach to fitness and Diet is. 

With the right support, 

YOU are totally capable of getting to your fitness goals.


The Move Eat Love

 Coaching Method

Next Start date: August 1st


Move Eat Love is a 12-week coaching method that incorporate the different pillars of fitness and health to guide you on a journey to building a strong, healthy and happy body  

You start to bring more awareness to where you are on your fitness, what it feels like in your body right now, what it feels like to be where you are and then using what you learn from the MEL Curriculum, you build a roadmap to get to how you would rather feel in your body.




The combination of these 3 pillars is essential in getting to any fitness goals

Build A Strong, Healthy And Happy Body, So You Can Age Gracefully

My Step-By-Step Process

The perfect hybrid of 1-1 and group coaching.

Change The Story You Tell Yourself About Your Health, Fitness And Nutrition

This is where we bring awareness to where you are on your fitness and health journey, what you know what you have done in the past, what you are doing today  and how you can use all that to start a range of set points so you can go off on your journey confidently 

Reframe Seeing Just Roadblocks Into Stepping Stones Instead

This is where we start to build a mindset of reframing setback and failures, so instead of thinking, I have fallen off the wagon, think what have I done and not done that would help me continue in the best way ...reframe all the negative and setback 

The common sense approach to fitness, health and wellness

This is where we start to simplify the process of fitness for the everyday woman that values health and fitness. 
The simple things to start to know to make living a healthy life not so foreign and easy to include in your day to day life

Nutritional, Training Programming And Starting Point 

You’ll start with some rough nutritional programming and evidence-based healthful guidelines.

Over the 6 weeks, you will be guided to gradually make sense of what fitness is to you, how to best approach your fitness while implementing these guidelines and becoming more intuitive and confident with your fitness journey.

While learning to adjust your eating and exercise habit to best suit you and your fitness goals

I have developed this programme after over 4 years of experience after working with 1–1 clients

This is the very best formula to get your results. 

 You won’t find this level of support elsewhere!

Why You should get into Move Eat Love

What I have found with clients is that sometimes they are not ready to lose weight yet?

Setting a weight loss goals is not an indication that your body is ready to lose weight.

Have you listened to your body yet

How long have you been depriving your body of nourishment 

How long have you been stressing your body with exercises 

Have you taken the time to care for your body truly

Or you are constantly trying to control it

Do you know that your body hears what you say about it

This has been the disconnect I felt.

I have struggled with this for so long

Why are people not getting the result they wanted with their bodie

Why wasn’t I getting the result I wanted 

It was after I stopped trying to control my body that it finally hit me 

My body wants what it wants 

Your body wants what it wants, believe it or not

And this is one of the hardest places for you to arrive at

After years of dieting, it is hard to let go

Stop trying to control your body

Allow yourself to eat without guilt

Allow yourself to enjoy exercise 

If you have ever felt any of this way, then you should get into move eat love today

What you get...

Access To The Unpacking Nutrition Course

A course to help you better understand the fundamentals of nutrition to support health while reducing food and body obsessions, reducing emotional eating, and improving body image.

Personal Nutrition And Movement Targets

Healthful Training program and movements that suit you and the season you are in

Find Your Movement Lab

Access to a library of home workouts and movement, so you are never confused about what to do and how to do it 

Xtra Support

Consistently good is better than occasionally perfect

support that answers all the fitness and nutrition question you might have as you go on your journey, resources and studuies that back you up so you can move confidently through the process to you outcome goals 

Bi-Weekly Check In And Workshops

Bi-weekly there will be live online trainings and workshop, where we will meet up and reflect together, and a Question and Answer session for where you might have question

Check-ins with your coach to review your progress and make any modifications required.

All This For 120,000 For 12 Weeks With The Opportunity To Stay On For As Long As You Like At 40,000 A Month.

Work With Me 

If you're not happy with your current health, body fat, or fitness.

Move Eat Love will help you find the relationship between food and movement and how it fits together to get you to your fitness goals

it will help you see where you are on your fitness spectrum,

Where your challenges are,

How what you know about fitness is keeping you where you are and then take you on a journey to making health and fitness and easy as possible 

The pain you go through every day, hating your body and not feeling good...or the pain it takes to change your habit so you can start feeling healthy and strong

It won't always be easy, but I will show you how to make fat loss and fitness as easy as possible.

I will simplify the process and make it as easy as possible for you

If you are not sure if it’s for you, or you have some questions?

Fill in the application form here and give me some information about you

& I will email or WhatsApp you.

What does it cover 

The work I do as a Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Fitness coach allows me to train in different ways 

Since I take a holistic approach, I consider food, movement, body, and mind at the same time 

My work focuses on how we eat, move our bodies and their impact on our health and daily activities.

As an ongoing student and learner, I keep up to date with the latest research, studies and developments in Nutrition, Movement, and health

The Move Eat Love Curricullum covers 

Self-care, Movement, and Food are the focus pillars of this program while also including...mindfulness, self compassion, individuality and connectedness

About Me

I am a human first and a coach second,

I started coaching because I see the liberation and wholeness it creates. 

The way it makes you whole again and frees you from your ruts and taboos (I love all that too) gives you a new perspective.

As a coach, I help women heal their relationship with their bodies, food, and exercise so that you can finally live in a body that you are happy with...

For years, I have struggled with my diet and body, fasting, dieting, detoxing.... you name it 

I have lost weight and gained it back, trained, and exercises rigorously, and still never felt healthy or even confident in my body, no matter how skinny and toned I got

there was always something to fix, before I could finally feel OK.... I never did

I love movement, but at that point in my life I lost sight of the things I enjoyed, because my only focus was fixing my body, I push my body to every limit I could manage, endured hunger, cut out food, exercise till my body was sore and my joints ached 

I got to a point where I couldn't continue, or world I say my body wouldn't, I couldn't push myself any more, I lost the joy in eating, I forgot what it meant to enjoy myself through movement, 

At that moment, I realized you have to change the story you tell yourself about food and exercise to reach your fitness goals or fall in love with your body 

After I embraced my own way of moving my body, I became consistent with exercising, and that changed the way I ate, because the food I ate made me and my body feel good, allowing me to exercise consistently.

I love any form of movement, but my favourites are yoga and slow mobility routines. I also enjoy handstands and headstands.

As a result, I began learning everything I could about movement, nutrition, and the human body 

While coaching clients, I've learned that we need more kindness than torture, and that the way we tell ourselves about exercising and food affects our response.

As with most things, nutrition coaching came about as a result of getting questions about weight loss and eating, which led me to research and study cells, body systems, and all that led me to become fascinated with the body as a whole. 

A healthy lifestyle is a result of eating, moving, and paying attention to your body and that is how Move Eat Love was made 

It would be my honour to support you inside. 

Join us Today.

Who Is It For

This Program Is Designed For you If you Want To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle, But Most Especially For those

  • Struggling to stick to healthy living habits
  • Feeling lost with fitness
  • In the cycle of dieting
  • Struggling to lose weight 
  • Having a sense of fitness being far far-fetched
  • Feeling like their body is not strong enough 
  • Wanting to care for your body but not knowing how to start
  • Overthinking fitness
  • Doing a lot on your fitness routine but not getting any result
  • Finding it hard to rest and handle stress

If you are tired of always feeling like you’re on a diet or feeling guilty for not being on a diet then this is for you.

Heal Your Relationship With Your Body, Food And Exercise So You Can Finally Lose weight, enjoy your body, feel good and well

You must be thinking, oh, another fitness program to start 

It's not the first time you've tried something 

Let me explain why this time will be different 

There's a good chance you've tried dieting before.

You have invested in keto, dance program, detoxes, pills, accountability challenge groups, and it always feels like you are always back where you started, feeling unhealthy, overeating or stress eating, not feeling strong enough, easily stressed out, hating your body ...you name it  

Why should this be any different?

This time it is about changing how you think about and approach fitness

looking at the past you have probably done the same of this, only doing a bit harder every time, a bit more expensive, but it has always been the same, less much, lesser food, more movement, and even lesser food 

If you don't see the point in trying again. 

You are exactly who I want to help if you are thinking this.

If you feel like you've been dieting on and off for your whole life. 

I made this with you in mind 

In the past, I used to diet off and on my entire life, but not today, not any more. 

With Move Eat Love Method, you can live a full life and still achieve results 

It is not a fast detoxes challenge or an exercise challenge

there are no supplement or juices, or diet plans

You will not put your life on hold for a number of weeks, then gain weight or fall back into your old habits once it's over

Changing your behaviour is a long-term process, so it may not be the most fun thing to do, but it is the only realistic way to get to your fitness goal 


Is this a fat-loss program

You may or may not want to lose weight 

Our approach is highly individualized 

Will there be a meal plan

The goal is for you to learn when, what and how to eat

You would have to depend on your coach to tell you what, when and how to eat, exercise and care for your body

instead you will be handed tools and resources and know how to confidently make that decision for your self, and maybe your loved ones too

Why group coaching?

There are a few reasons a love a group coaching program

1) You will be surprised how important having the support of others is. I find this is especially important with reassurance. It’s one thing, me saying don’t worry about the scales not dropping for a week. Or don't worry, it takes time and exploration to find your thing ...

It’s quite another when half the group go off  on how their own weight loss over time to reassure you. That can be the difference between giving up and success.

 2) Cost. Group coaching allows us to help people while charging less. 1-1 coaching is 2-3x as expensive as group coaching. & I personally don’t think you get half as much. It is some people’s preference, but if you want the most cost-effective way of getting results, I would always recommend staying longer in the group than less time 1-1.

 With Move Eat Love, we still have 1-1 check ins – I created the program the way it is so you would get all the benefits of 1-1 coaching PLUS group coaching for an affordable price.

More fun, less lonely & you’ll meet  lots of like-minded people who all want to see each other win!

what happens after i sign up

You will be redirected to a page where you will find all the resources for the Pre_ Start module of the move eat love curriculum. and this is the most important part of the Move Eat Love Method....

1. Sit with the Pre-Start

2. schedule your Programming call  

3. Access to the Unpacking Nutrition course 

while we wait for the start date 

the best part is that you get a head start on the 12 weeks sitting and prepping your mind for the change and fun ahead

How does the Move Eat Love Curriculum Work?

In other to avoid overwelm

What do you have to lose?

Honestly ... N120,000, $120  

This investment requires commitment from you. You can’t just pay some money and do nothing. You have to put in the work.
If you do the work, it will be the best investment you ever make.

 If you don’t, it will be a complete waste of money

It is also important to consider what you have to lose by staying where you are.

If you aren’t happy with your health, body fat &/or fitness at the moment then there is a high cost to not signing up, not changing is a choice too.

You don’t need another diet or another fast to lose fat, and this isn’t another diet.

Fat loss, building healthy lifestyle isn’t really about nutrition or exercise

It’s about behaviour change.

We all know what to do to lose fat or become stronger – eat less, move more and exercise…

How to implement all that in the midst of real life challenges is where the problem is

If you’ve tried nutrition plan after nutrition plan, gone through multiple diet and exercise types, and found nothing’s worked, this alternative will change you from the inside out...

A 12-week online coaching program that helps you understand and Build a good relationship with your body, food and exercise

In order to heal your relationship with how you eat and exercise, you have to change how you think and approach fitness

That is why this program was made for you

You are probably thinking: I have tried dieting before.

Why would this be any different? Why should I bother trying again.

 If you are thinking like this – YOU are exactly who I want to help.

If you feel like you have been dieting your whole life, or doing exercises you hate or resent 

I made this for you.