This is for everyone who wants to live a healthy life and not be reliant on diets.

It is possible not to want to lose fat and still be ok with your body

It is possible to eat food and not feel like you have to be guilty or it has anything to do with your morals

It is possible to take time in a day and move in a way that you enjoy

It is also possible to not like what you look like and decide to do something about it

It is possible to like what your body looks like and still want to push and see what is possible

It is possible….insert what you want with your body here

You can do whatever you like with your body

For people like us. It is possible 

While each journey to what you want is unique, each journey follows a pattern, and once you see it, it is yours.

Your system, your time, your process, your method it is all yours.

You simply need to find the courage to practice, to be more explorative, and to be patient.

To find how it works for you and your life 

The thing that has been holding you back has been the need to fit in, 

To exercise in a way that proves a point 

to be approved and applauded even if it makes you miserable

To be as lean as possible, even if being lean means you starve 

To perform that exercise even if it hurts your knees

Sometimes, you dont even know it makes you miserable until you give yourself a break and see how much you are not looking forward to eating, exercising, and living that way. 

The thing that has been holding you back has been your approach to fitness.

Yes, the basics are still the same.

Drink water

Sleep better

Eat whole foods

Eat your fats

The same 

But you, your life, your experience, your environment, is unique to you. 

What you like, what you can afford, what your body can do, using the basics is different even for each season of your life and for everyone  

But it takes practice to find your method. 

it is now time to do the work; 

the work is in repeating the same thing over and over and over again

That is why you have to let go of the hard, 

Practicing is where the work and where the win is,. 

Practicing the body you want to live in is the change you are looking for

It is possible to be in a pain-free body, agile, strong body even as you age.

You just have to practice living in that body today.

Struggle to rest? Feel constantly tired? You need this resource, containing some free  prompts to help you rest better healthful life.

The Rest Resource


Transform Your relationship with food


I am Chisom Obidike a entreprenuer and
Founder -Janesmovement a body-neutral movement and fitness coach whose goal is to help you heal your relationship with food, exercise, and your body.

Janesmovement helps women improve their diets and relationships with food and their bodies.
With the help of value-based nutrition and training programs, we can help you achieve the healthiest diet possible
It may or may not be required that you track your macronutrients as part of the coaching process
you may or may not want to lose weight, and our approach is highly individualized
Aside from habit building, practice-based goals and homework in body awareness, self-compassion, and mindfulness,

Janesmovement also helps you to improve your body image and reduce obsessive eating by teaching you about nutrition and movement to support your health.

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