if you want something that allows you lose fat without sacrifcing what's most important to you... 



Sustainable fat loss goes beyond restrictive diets and quick fixes. 

Aren't  you tired of the constant cycle of weight loss and gain, feeling frustrated with your journey?

 It's time to take a different approach—one that focuses on understanding your body's needs, cultivating self-compassion, and embracing a sensible starting point.

 Say goodbye to self-criticism and hello to a transformative journey with CompassionateFatLoss.

What you will learn

What Is Compassionate Fatloss

the mindset of compassionate fat loss and why it is important on your health and fitness journey

Energy Balance And Metabolism

How to balance your calorie intake and how much you burn to grt you to you fitness goal

Strategies for letting go of past setbacks and moving forward positively

strategies for managing setbacks and challenges with a forgiving mindset, learning to view mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning rather than reasons for self-criticism.

How self-compassion leads to sustainable fat loss and health habits

Understand the critical role of self-compassion in the wellness journey, and learn practical techniques to treat your with kindness, patience, and understanding, especially during challenging times.

To Be Fair, I Know You’ve Tried
A Lot Already

This  isn’t your first stop on your  Fatloss journey

If you’re like most people, you’ve already…

  • Tried a lot of diets and fitness challenges
  • Binged the fitness contents (how to create a calorie deficit?)Tried a million “strategies” (i.e., followed what other successful people do)
  • Talk about exhausting fatloss journeies can be and how unsustainable  alot of these challenges  are(not to mention, you have  got like a million  other things on your goiningon in your life , fat-loss shouldn’t take up so much brain space).
  • You are Feeling overwhelmed by conflicting nutrition and fitness advice.

At the end of this Webinar 

You will be able to 

Understand the Psychological Aspects of Fat Loss

You will recognize how mindset, particularly kindness, forgiveness, and self-compassion, plays a crucial role in your journey of fat loss and overall well-being.

Set Realistic and Personalized Goals:

 You will develop the ability to set and work toward realistic, personalized health and wellness goals that reflect your needs, preferences, and lifestyles.


Implement Sustainable Health Practices

You will learn to combine mindful eating and joyful movement with their compassionate mindset, leading to the development of balanced nutrition and exercise plans.  plans that will be enjoyable, fulfilling, and tailored to your personal needs, promoting long-term adherence and well-being.

You’re busy. You don’t have the time or energy to continuously research latest trends, refine your programs, and test things out in hopes something clicks.

 Take the final step towards a stronger, healthier, happier you with compassion

My Goal Is To Have You FEELING Your Best - While On Fatloss Journey